Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

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The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at the ancient city of Kourion, is one of the main religious centers of ancient Cyprus where Apollo, the god of forests, was worshiped. Apollo was the main cult deity in this specific temple which also was one of the most popular temples of the island. 

The Apollo shrine of Curium was identical to the Apollo shrine in both Epidaurus in Argolis. It’s believed that all Apollo temples, god of light, were placed at a very specific point where the light of the sun is more intense.


The ancient city of Curium owed part of its prosperity to the cult of Apollo because a very large number of pilgrims used to visit the city in order to go to the Sanctuary.  

The destruction and abandonment of the church is placed somewhere around the late 4th century. It was when the major destructive earthquakes began and also when Christianity was already established in Cyprus.