Salomi's Tavern in Limassol brings modern elements together with traditional values!

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If making a decision about dining out is not just a matter of menu options, but a matter of finding the ideal combination of a beautiful and interesting venue, with dishes coming from mom’s kitchen, then you should keep reading. You should do so, too, if you are constantly looking for interesting dining option at the city.

Because this place sure does draw some attention on a first glimpse, with a hint of modern and elegant touched mixing with its traditional image. Salomis’ Tavern is above all a place with homemade cooking, with favorite recipes. At the same time, though, it is also a place with modern decoration, which just adds to the reasons for one to visit.

In an environment with bright colors and detailed decorations, this tavern, at Ayios Tychonas village, offers delightful delicacies as well as a la cart menu. Both its indoors area and its yard enjoy great views to the village. Dining is featured with live music every Friday and Saturday night.

The option for dining on the bar is one of the modern touches incorporated in the tavern’s image.

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