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Limassol may not have jungles, but there are plenty of green forests and coasts with wild beauty. The best way to tour through these beautiful locations of the Limassol countryside, is to take a trip with vehicles suitable for off-road routes, along with adventurous guides.

Apart from the options offered within Limassol, though, the fact the city is located in an easy distance from 3 other districts on the island, allows daily excursions from east to west, offering the opportunity for a trip into the wild beauty of Akamas Peninsula, on the western end of the island.

Sayious Adventure Park

East to Limassol, on the hills of Asgata village, you will come across amazing landscapes and people ready to make you part of their explorations. Using vehicles suitable for both adults and children, the guides at Sayious Adventure Park will set up a custom tour, according to your preferences. The important part of this experience, though, is the fact that from these hills you can enjoy uninterrupted view from Troodos Mountains to the Limassol coast.

Contact number: 25 633163

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At the gorgeous landscapes of Pitsilia area, Agros village is a place hidden between evergreen slopes, with views and harsh mountain peaks that ask for a tour inside the nature to better know the beauties of this area. Agros Safari, using 4-wheel motorbikes, allows you to easily travel through this entire area, to check out the amazing forest, with trails, rivers and waterfalls, as well as historical monuments, such as monasteries and churches, as well as medieval bridges.

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Αkamas Safari

The Akamas peninsula makes up another magical and unexplored landscape, where the forest element is combined with the coastal area. There are 168 different bird species, 12 mammal species, 20 species of reptiles and 16 species of butterflies living in the area (Aphrodite’s Rock, Baths of Aphrodite, Avakas Gorge, Lara Bay, Latsi, Polis, etc.).

Ascot Jeep Safari, Contact number: 25 329 388

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