Roxanne Koudounari Trail – Chariton Valley (Platres)

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The best way to discover a place is to follow in the footsteps of its residents, making your way across the routes they take daily, ones which were forged decades ago by their ancestors, and which continue to form a part of their everyday life. In the case of the trails which run across the most popular area of the Platres community, these routes reveal a side to the village that no one could have ever imagined.  

The paved paths, which were formed almost a century ago in order to connect the stone-built country homes with the central square of Platres, pass through enchanting, unfamiliar corners that exude a sense of nobility. The unique beauty of the route, which is hidden beneath lush vegetation and surrounded by tall plane and oak trees, guides visitors to some of the area’s most historic spots, turning each stroll into a journey through time to an idyllic past.

Spyros Kyprianou Street (which is located parallel to the main road of Platres), is home to some of the most special mansions in the village, which have turned it into a living architecture museum. On this street, one will discover the start and end of some of these hidden trails, which are a thrill to all who come across them. The trail of the Agios Nikolaos chapel ends at the western end of the street, near the emblematic fountain of Roxanne Koudounari, and the Chariton Valley.


This is a trail that overflows with romanticism, taking visitors along the stream of the Kryos Potamos River. The trail continues along the Chariton Valley, towards the main road, passing underneath the thick shade of the plane trees, and accompanied by the sound of gushing water.

Should you choose to make your way east of the Roxanne Koudounari fountain, along Spyrou Kyprianou Street, you will discover yet another trail just 100 meters further down. It begins with a few steps that lead down towards the left, to the central square, right next to the restaurants and cafés that operate there. The trail passes along the courtyards of some of Platres’ most characteristic mansions, which stand tall and imposing along the way. The natural beauty of the trail, which is surrounded by aromatic bushes, pine trees and wild flowers, competes with the beauty of the mansions and are truly a feast for the eyes.

Should the walk whet your appetite, there is a series of welcoming taverns and restaurants, as well as beautiful cafés, all of which await you in order to help replenish your strength.

*Platres is part of the Mobilitas European Network, encouraging alternative transportation via trails, bicycle routes and public transportation.