Rehabilitation Clinic: Free services for the public, by the first University Rehabilitation Clinic in Cyprus!

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This modern rehabilitation clinic, which was officially inaugurated in December 2017 in Limassol, already offers significant services with multiple benefits to the local society. The first University Rehabilitation Clinic in Cyprus, which is the first facility of the new Public Health School of the Cyprus University of Technology, monitors and cares for patients of all age groups, from infants to seniors.

The modern facilities of the Clinic are situated in the area where the new building of the Public Health School will be constructed, near the Old Hospital of Limassol. The Clinic has rooms with the necessary technologies for diagnostic and speech therapy sessions. Equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools, the Clinic is a foundation which, while serving the needs of trainee students, also offers valuable services to dozens of Limassol residents for free.

At present time, the University Clinic conducts speech therapy sessions for individuals and groups of 42 people (36 children and 6 adults), ages 3 to 63 years old. These programs allow 35 students (from the 3rd and the 4th year of their studies) to train, practicing therapeutic sessions under the guidance of their supervising professors. At the same time, 5 professionals from that field participate in the Clinic’s work, regularly supervising the cases treated by students.

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The therapies offered at the CUT Clinic are intended for people with speech disorders, developmental and acquired linguistic disorders, complex communicational difficulties, phonetic disorders (ex: vocal string nods), eating and / or swallowing disorders (after an accident, illness or other traumatic incident). The Clinic accepts patients sent by customers, as well as doctors, teachers and other health service professionals.