'Pyrgos' Tavern: A hangout with traditional dishes and a panoramic view of the village!

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The name of this tavern indicates both its location and its advantages. With a balcony overlooking one of the highest spots of Vasa Koilianiou, it offers panoramic views of the endless vineyards and the picturesque center of the village.

‘Pyrgos’ is a hangout known in the area for its traditional dishes. Marinos, the owner of the tavern, loves traditional, Cypriot recipes and local ingredients, and this shines through in his menu. The beef or rabbit stew is one of his specialties, and guests can choose from a large variety of dishes and meze.

The interior of the tavern, with its large, wood burning stove warming up the dining area, as well as its spacious balcony, are both well-crafted spaces. Though the warmth of the stove is ideal for the colder days, when the sun is out, the balcony is the tavern’s greatest asset, perfect for food, drinks, and dessert with a view.

Contact number: 25 942655