Prophet Elias (Lofou)

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The Prophet Elias picnic site is located at a small distance from the Lofou community, just about 1500 meters south of the village. There, on a hill along the Alassa-Lofou road, one will also find the Prophet Elias chapel, which was renovated in 1999. 

It is a well-looked after area with an enchanting view of the Kourris dam, the city of Limassol, the Akrotiri Salt Lake, and the outskirts of the villages west of Lofou, such as Kivides. It offers picnic and barbecue facilities, as well as children’s playground area, restrooms and water supply.

Beyond the unique view, the picnic site is also ideal for a visit to the Prophet Elias Chapel. The icon of the saint is located at the iconostasis there, painted by the famous hagiographer of the time, Giavopoulos, grandfather of the former President of the Republic, Giorgos Vasileiou.

The Prophet Elias picnic site is an especially popular destination on Green Monday, as many people head there to begin their fast, accompanied by traditional song and dance, kite flying competitions, and games.