Prodromos Reservoir

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At an altitude of 1600 meters, and just 2 km before Prodromos village, visitors will find a symmetrical reservoir, surrounded by thick pine forest, creating a serene, artificial lake in one of the highest locations of the island.

The Prodromos water reservoir was constructed in 1962 as a riverside basin, made with soil. It is 10 meters deep, with a surface area of approximately 22 square meters, and can hold up to 122,000 cubic meters of water.

Its relatively small surface, and the altitude of the reservoir’s location (in an area which sees very low temperatures and receives early snowfall in the winter) leads to this reservoir turning into a makeshift ice rink. The frozen reservoir in the winter offers a very different image from other seasons, but the serenity that the setting inspires and the grandeur of nature surrounding it is a common factor all year round.

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The reservoir is situated next to the picnic site of Prodromos village, approximately 5 km from Troodos Square.