Proavlio Tavern: A modern space with 100% traditional flavors, just outside of Limassol!

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Savvas and Theodoros, 2 brothers from Parekklisia, joined their ideas and love for tradition and set up a tavern in the center of the village that is 100% authentic.

They drew inspiration for its name from the picturesque location, thus the tavern was named Proavlio (courtyard), a reference to the courtyard of the nearby Timios Stavros church.

Theodoros, the chef in the family, designed a beautifully presented menu featuring modern techniques, that is based on local ingredients and their mother’s recipes.

And so, the tavern preserves traditional flavors and hospitality, while offering an upgraded experience within a beautiful environment with modern flourishes.

Address:19, Timou Stavrou Street, Parekklisia
Contact number: 25 222444