Polydentri Tavern: A traditional tavern that prepares meze with local flavours!

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Pelendri is a village nestled amid lush greenery, which appears to also have been the root of its name. The tradition which claims that the original name of the village was 'Polydentri' survives today within one of the area's most beloved taverns.

This little tavern is located near the park with the statues honoring the village heroes, offering a warm and cozy space with elements of local folk tradition.

The tavern boasts offers characteristic dishes of Cypriot cuisine and delicious meze, with locally sourced products such as village sausages and wild mushrooms.

During the winter months, the large, iron stove is lit all day, filling the space with warmth. When the weather starts to warm up, the terrace is an ideal choice for a relaxing meal among the greenery.

Address: Sotiris Tsaggaris 56, Pelendri
Contact Number: 99 40654.