Polemidia Reservoir

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In the Polemidia area, on the way to Troodos from Limassol, one will see on their left-hand side the Polemdia reservoir. This dam collects water from the Garyllis river, which crosses through the city and flows into the sea, just a few meters from the historic city center.  

The Polemidia reservoir was constructed in 1965 and comprises a 45 meter deep dirt reservoir, which can hold up to 3,400,000 cubic meters of water. It is located just a small distance from the Limassol National Forest Park, one of the countryside’s largest green oases.

From the gazebo with its tiered seating on the east site of the reservoir, one can see the expanse of hills that surround the dam. In the southern end of the reservoir, the large bridge allows visitors a panoramic view of the dam, which is particularly fascinating when it overflows.

The dam overflowed at the beginning of February 2019, following a rain-heavy winter.