Playia restaurant: A dining venue, in a winery with panoramic views!

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Playia restaurant is located within one of the largest projects developed in recent years in the Limassol countryside. This elegant space aims to showcase the flavors of the local cuisine, as well as the fine wines that have been produced in Omodos for centuries.

Its name pays tribute to the abundance of slopes that surround the area (the word 'playia' means slope), which are famous for their vineyards. Restaurant visitors can enjoy a gazing out onto the slopes from the balcony, housed in the impressive, modern winery 'Oenoy Yi,' which boasts panoramic views of Omodos.

The menu includes dishes featuring Mediterranean flavors, and ingredients that honor Cypriot cuisine. With a variety of meat, fish, and seafood options, as well as pasta and pulses, the restaurant aims to preserve memories of the local tradition while also adding touches from international cuisines, offering an ideal base for visitors to truly enjoy the winery's product.

Address: Dimitri Liperti, Omodos
Contact number: 25 446000