23 playgrounds for fun and games in Limassol!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

A a city that brings smiles to children (as well as to their parents) is truly a beautiful city.

Limassol has this covered with several places that are suitable for fun and games for the entire family, in both outdoor and indoor areas. From one end of the city to the other, playgrounds and luna parks are among the favorite destinations for carefree moments for children and their parents.

With options for all seasons and occassions, all one needs to do is begin planning their itinerary based on the list below. 

​1. Masterland

Masterland is a realistic replica of a city, with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and even its own currency. In this special theme park, the children behave and act like adults through creative activities.

Address: 48, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue
Contact number: 25 310012

2. Playlounge

A modern indoor play area was set up in the Limassol Agora in the Saripolou Square area, featuring fun games and supervised by professionals. There is also a lounge area for parents.

Address: Limassol Agora, Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 899559

3. Galactica

An multiplex entertainment venue with a playground and space for recreational activities for children under 10 years old, a special room with video games, bowling for children and adults, and an outdoor Luna Park.

Address: 53 Arch. Makarios Street
Contact number: 25 750666

4. My Mall – AHS Playplanet

The basement area of My Mall functions as a play area for preschool aged children, and also features a bowling alley, a 6D cinema, as well as comfortable lounge areas for parents, creating a complete experience for the whole family.

Address: 285 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue
Contact number: 25 711551

5. Bubble Park

The play area located near the Limassol Marina has large rooms and outdoor spaces, all decorated in bright, happy colors. Kids particularly love the cannon games as well the Octopus castle.  

Address: 13 Tzelal Bagiar Street
Contact number: 7000 8586

6. Bricks 4 Kidz

This play area for children aged 2-15 combines education with fun and creativity. Guided by the staff, children enjoy a variety of activities, including playing with the ever-popular Lego bricks.

Address: 79 Spyrou Kyprianou Street
Contact number: 7777 0210

7. Hula Hoop

‘Hula Hoop’ play area offers a wide variety of games in a comfortable environment. On special occasions, mascots of beloved children’s cartoon characters make an appearance to delight the young guests.

Address: 7 Monis Maxaira Street
Contact number: 99 462275

8. Playland Café

Slides of varying sizes, ball pits, as well as games with blocks are just some of the activities on offer at Playland Café. The venue also operates as a cafeteria and is open daily. It is also available for children’s parties.

Address: 40 – 46 Theodorou Potamianou, K.Polemidia
Contact number: 25 734366

9. Kidsworld Playcentre

A covered, colourful play area that is ideal for children of all ages. It is open for after school visits daily (except Mondays), and also offers a comfortable cafeteria where adults can relax.

Address: 1 Anapafseos Street, Ayios Nicholaos
Contact number: 25 580644

10. Luna Kids

Luna Kids is available for playtime, dancing, and dining. It is a popular destination for birthday parties, thanks to its bright colors and welcoming environment. 

Address: 20 Dimokratias Street
Contact number: 99 462831, 25 725742

11. Arizona Luna Park

The outdoor and indoor spaces of Arizona Luna Park offer a dozen entertainment options, including bumper cars, video games, and a spacious area for hosting birthday parties. 

Address: Faneromeni, Episkopi
Contact number: 25 932073

Playgrounds in parks

12. Episkopi Park - Amigos

A large play area with modern facilities in the center of the Episkopi community in Limassol welcomes kids and parents in a beautiful environment. The café that operates next to the premises enables the hosting of birthday parties. 

Address:Episkopi, Limassol
Contact number: 25 934650

13. Kolossi Community Park

Spread across an expanse of more than 2000 square meters, this park offers a variety of play equipment on safety flooring. Basketball courts and football fields are located nearby. 

Contact number: 95 163550, 25 933200

14. Filellinon Park

With facilities suitable for all ages, this park has a modern playground with safety floor, artificial ponds with fountains and a welcoming refreshment bar for guests.

Address: Corner of Trion Ierarchon and Peiraios street

15. Lanitio Stadium Park

This café operates west of the Lanitio Stadium, where there is a large, outdoor playground beneath the shady pine trees, as well as an outdoor gym space for both children and adults.  

Contact number: 99 284323

16. Anagennisi Park

A modern and comfortable playground, gym equipment for adults, and a space for events area among the available facilities at Anagennisis Park.

Address: Corner of Jelal Bayar and Vayazit

17. Melina Merkouri park (Mesa Yitonia)

Within this well-known park in Mesa Geitonia, a space was created for relaxed coffee outings as well as for children’s playtime and exercise.

Address: Panikou Haraki, Mesa Geitonia
Contact number: 99 788303

18. Pano Polemidia Park

In a quiet area in Pano Polemidia, there is a beautiful park that is ideal for daily strolls as well as for organizing fun, festive events. Its open-air and covered areas feature recreation areas for children of all ages.

Address: 120th Street, Pano Polemidia
Contact numbers: 25 821400 (for event reservations), 99 962600, 99 300391

19. National Forest Park

The playground of the National Forest Park is a beautiful space, covered with grass, with wooden picnic tables, a refreshment kiosk and a play area on a safety floor.

Address: Koroivou Street
Contact number: 99 575047

20. Seafront park

The seafront park in Limassol is one of the most popular family destinations. Apart from the walking paths and the bicycle lane, there are 2 large playgrounds with safety floors, as well as cafes.

21. Limassol Municipal Park

The Municipal Garden in Limassol is a space associated with the happy memories of many generations in the city, for almost 1 century. The garden is covered by trees and has various play areas.

22. Dasoudi Restaurant

The sea air and surrounding rich greenery, combined with the large, outdoor, fenced play area with safety flooring, all create an environment that is inviting to families who can enjoy the varied menu of the restaurant, or a simple cup of coffee. 

Address: Dasoudi Beach, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 322881

23. Parekklisia Community Park

This park is located at the entrance of the Parekklisia community, approximately 10 minutes from the city of Limassol, and it boasts wonderful views. It is divided into 3 levels, with play facilities on safety flooring and in a grass-covered area.

Contact number: 99 484489