Platres Village

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Platres village is located just 39 kilometers away from the Limassol city and 9 kilometers away from Troodos.  Its altitude and climate, are considered ideal.


In 1878, the British discovered the special natural beauties of Platres and they invested in turning the area into a holiday resort. The Cypriot expats from Egypt, were the reason for the tourism industry's growth, both in Platres and in the rest of the island.

Apart from the Cypriots spending their holidays there, Platres also became a destination for international personas, members of the royal families from Egypt, Greece and the UK, diplomats, aristocrats, artists etc. 


At the center of the village, one can find the square, ideal for a walk, dining or drinks. It is an area with the distinct presence of the colonial architecture, especially for public use buildings.

Community Center

Platres Cultural Center

The building of the old Municipal Market is located on Archiepiskou Makariou Street 3, next to the Community Council offices.

Lavender Thematic Center

It is an education and entrepreneurship platform based on lavender, the characteristic herb of Platres, with workshops and educational programs for all ages.


Victorian fountains at the old neighborhood: These are 2 similar fountains, built during the rule of Queen Victoria.

Roxane Koudounari fountain: It is a beautiful monument, nicely designed, built with marble on the local, traditional stone. 

Paved paths

The path in the old neighborhood:  During your stroll, you will come across a magnificent, huge oak tree that will surely impress you with its generous shade in summer. 

Agios Nicolaos chapel path: The path is located right next to Agios Nicolaos chapel. The scents are intoxicating, while the serenity and the beauty of the landscape create a scenery ideal for romantic walks.

Path at the Community Center: It is one of the paths that consisted a main way of travelling from one part of the village to the other.

Architectural mosaic

The local architecture has been intensely influenced by the Europeans that chose the place as a holiday resort. This is why there are 6 different schools of architecture on different sample constructions.


Panagia Faneromeni church: In 1880 this church was built in 1880 and it is considered to be a jewel for the area.

Chapel of Panagia Faneromeni: The little chapel of Panagia Faneromrni used to be the main church of the community.

Chapel of Panagia Samatziotissa (Iamatiki): It is dedicated to Panagia Iamatiki but it is mostly known as Samatziotisa.

Agios Nicolaos chapel: It was built back in 1995 on the location of the ruins of an ancient monastery.

Sports Center

Surrounded by evergreen slopes, it provides football, mini football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and handball fields, a gym and a cozy coffee shop.

Sparti Adventure Rope Park

It is the first theme park of its kind in Cyprus, which offers the opportunity for an alternative kind of exercise and contact with nature.


Nature trails

Caledonia nature trail: The trail which is about 3 kilometers long starts north to Psilo Dentro area and leads to the waterfalls, through an amazing, dense forest

Pouziaris nature trail: This trail is also north to Psilo Dentro area and it is the second longest nature trail on Troodos. 

Millomeris nature trail: The starting point is right at the entrance of Platres, just before the church of Panagia Faneromeni.

Milia nature trail: A short route, on a smooth ground, surrounded by wild flora with bushes and pine trees, leads to the Venetian bridge of Milia (apple tree).

Milia Bridge 

This is a medieval bridge which crosses over Krios Potamos, heading to the south, while passing through the east of Platres village.



Caledonia waterfalls: It is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, with water falling from a 12-meter high rock. 

Millomeris waterfalls: It is located south to Platres village and is one of the most popular sights in Platres, attracting many visitors.



Rock of Ayia Irene

From there, you can see the view of the village from above and enjoy the unique beauty of the area. 

Bicycle trails

The entire area of ​​Platres is crossed by 2 interesting cycling routes, suitable for enjoying the natural beauties of Troodos.

Special Products

'Dia chiros Aglais': A special soap factory in the village that produces cosmetics of exclusively natural origin, which include black pine, cypress, but also healing aromatic plants of the island, such as lavender, geranium and rosemary.

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Platres Chocolate Workshop: The Chocolate workshop of Platres makes wonderful handmade chocolate with distinct flavors, such as Cypriot loukumi, zivania, commandaria, sousuko and lavender.

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Food and drink

I sijia tou mavrou (25 580006)

International Restaurant (99 780950)

Psilo Dendro (25 813131)

Skylight (25 422244)

Anoi (25 422900, 25 423939)

Caledonia Rotis (25 421019)

The Village Tavern (99 663772)

John's Restaurant (25 421840)

Pegasus (25 421744)

Orosimo Cafe (25 422150)

Le Marquis Cafe-Pub (99 258371)

The Magazaki (25 421744)

Antonis Cafe (99 804292)

Victoria's Bistro & Wine Cellar (99 780950)

Tegridy Park

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Forest Park Hotel (25 421751)

Spring Hotel (25 421330)

Semiramis Hotel (99 090806)

Edelweiss Hotel (25 421335)

Petit Palais Hotel (25 421723)

New Helvetia Hotel (25 421348)

Kallithea Inn (25 422002)

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