Platanos Tavern: Homemade food at the entrance of Lania village, beneath the greenery!

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Arriving at one of the most beautiful villages of the mountainous Limassol, Lania, you are greeted by a large Platanus tree, around which a small square plaza is built. In this area is located a beautiful and welcoming corner, for those who want to make a stop for food or drink under the dense foliage of the huge tree.

The Platanus tree has given its name to the family-run tavern, which has been operating for many years in this small square. The menu at Platanos is the result of the family cook's mastery and love of good, tasty food. Traditional flavours and home-made dishes are the hallmark of the restaurant, with its speciality being fluffy meatballs.

The tavern operates all throughout the year. The outdoor area, with the tables under the dew of the tree, is ideal while the weather is nice, and particularly during the hot days of summer. For the rest of the year, an indoor dining area is available, complete with a warm and cozy atmosphere, which fits into the environment of this beautiful village.

Contact number: 25 434273