Pitsilia Cured Meats: The flavor that placed Cyprus on the European gourmet map!

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The area of Pitsilia made a name for its itself on the European gastronomic map when some of its of most famous local products were recognized as Protected Geographical Indications.

Traditional lountza, village sausages and choiromeri are a great way to get to know the uniqueness of Pitsilia, as the local red wines, made from indigenous grape varieties, as well as local aromatics, are used in the production of these products. 

The meat is then transferred to the smokehouse and allowed to mature, without the addition of any preservatives, artificial flavors, or flavor enhances. 

In this way, the exceptional aroma and unique flavor of these cured meats has become a fixture on the European gastronomic map, highlighting Pitsilia as an area with many special virtues, where exclusive food products not found elsewhere are produced.

Lountza, made from pork loins, is excellent in sandwiches or as a meze, eaten cold or fried or on the grill.

Authentic Pitsilia sausages are made with fresh minced meat matured in wine with salt and traditional spices. After maturation, they are smoked in a special chamber.

Choiromeri is one of the finest delicacies, owing its flavor to the wine as well as the slow cooking procedure.

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