Pictures of white magic: Fini, Omodos, Louvaras, Kilani, Kyperounta and more!

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Just about the time the countryside began to get greener, favored by the recent rain, the white came back again to become the absolute master of all. The snow arrived bringing along the coldest winter day, too, embellishing even those villages that rarely see any snowflakes.

From Fini, located at 900 meters altitude, to Omodos at 810 meters, most villages in Limassol were dressed in white, with residents enjoying some amazing scenery. The photos coming from Louvaras at 850 meters altitude, Kilani at 820 with its snowy vineyards and Kyperounta at 1200 meters, which was flooded again by fresh snow, prove that the cold wave may have brought unbearable freeze and discomfort for some, but it does provide unique delights, as well.

Some were forced to lock themselves in the house next to the fireplace and to postpone their daily activities, others risked getting stuck during their trip to Omodos, but the images have compensated all of them eventually. Besides, the photographs that filled the internet demonstrate the enthusiasm with which everyone welcomed the snow.

Photos by: n_ikol1994, dominika.prazmowska, mariosmixail1_, vlassides winery

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