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Picnic site (Dymes)

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In an idyllic location, with tall pine trees, a beautiful picnic site at around 1000 meters above sea level, enjoys unique views and a breezy environment. A modern playground, the crystal water from stone-built fountains and a wooden balcony hanging above the evergreen forest, make this place an ideal refuge for anyone looking for relaxation in the heart of nature.

With 300 people capacity, this picnic site in Dymes village (half the distance between Agros and Kyperounda villages) has all the necessary facilities for enjoying a beautiful trip, with spots for barbecue, wooden benches and even a small kitchen for preparing your meals. The 2 traditional, stone-built fountains provide crystal clear water, straight from a mountain spring.

The playground at the picnic site is constructed according to modern, European directions, so that children can play safely. But, what strikes the visitors of this place the most, is a large, wooden balcony at the end of the picnic site, with an impeccable view to the evergreen slopes, which will refresh your spirit at the very first glance.

Timios Prodromos church right above this sight, completes the picturesque landscape perfectly.

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