PHOTOS: Who is the young 'thunder chaser' in Limassol?

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The latest, never-seen-before storm that hit Limassol, was the occasion for his mania to surface. A series of utterly impressive images, of the “wildest” moments in Limassol these past few years, has been the “laurel” he gained for being a “thunder chaser”.

Stefanos is a young, self-taught photographer, who captured an amazing moment during the February 16th storm, which proves how severe was the phenomenon that circled Limassol (even if it was just for a few hours). He has been taking pictures for just a few years, but he is focusing in these moments, when a lightning reaches the ground, that make his portfolio truly extraordinary.

Stefanos Mistrellides craze with lightnings results to an image of Limassol as a great destination for such images, since, as he explains, the view is twice as impressive, with the sea at the background and a view from the hills around the city and the countryside. Of course, this is not exactly the easiest hobby, since he usually encounters extreme weather conditions (which have resulted to the loss of expensive equipment, too, during his last visit in Limassol). His persistence, love and talent for photography, though, do create a rather special result.

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