PHOTOS: What do you know about the beautifully restored buildings in the Limassol city center?

The historical Limassol city center, where the buzz of life used to be located ever since the medieval times, was forgotten and abandoned towards the ending of the 20th century. The beautiful buildings that hosted the city’s life for decades, would be ghosts of a past time, but a rejuvenation of the area pushed that threat away.

Several of those historical buildings of the city are now the areas for classes or administration of the Cyprus University of Technology. On this occasion, the buildings were restored and their history keeps on living through its present condition. Aiming to allow people to know their amazing story, the CUT organizes tours with the guidance of the architect, Myrianthi Astanioti, in the 4 historical areas of the university:

“Vasilis Michaelides” University Library

The building was constructed by the British to be a House of Justice. The implementation was observed by the district engineer William Williams and it was finished in 1911. Since 2009 it has been the library of the Cyprus University of Technology.


The owner of the building was Georgios Rossides, who used it as a residence and for shops. It was built in 1882 and its use changed several times. The building was bought by the government and it hosted the District Administration Offices and the Post Office, until the ‘50s, when they moves to the building at Aneksartisias Street. Then, the Cadastre offices were hosted there. Eventually, in 2011, it became the Deanery of the Cyprus University of Technology.

“Andreas Themistokleous” building complex

The building were constructed back in 1039. They hosted the first Girls’ School of Limassol and, afterwards, the House of Justice, as well as other government services. In 2007 the first teaching classrooms of the CUT were housed there.

“Tassos Papadopoulos” arcade

A former commercial arcade. Few are known about this building, but its restoration, which was finished back in 2014, made it a true jewel for the educational facilities of the university.

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