PHOTOS + VIDEO: The impressive transformation of 2 old warehouses in the center of Limassol!

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For decades, these simple warehouses, comprising 2 rooms with low ceilings, had never received any particular care. Stuffed to the brim with tools and miscellaneous items and left to the mercy of the elements, they had fallen to disrepair, creating a rather sad-looking image. This changed drastically a few weeks ago, however, when the old, stone-built warehouses were transformed into 2 beautiful spaces, aimed at upgrading the daily routine of the dozens of working people in the city center.  

The warehouses are located in the old workshop which, as of 2002, has been used as the parking space for employees of the EKA company. These 2 buildings had been there for many years, of course, and despite their wear and tear, they continued to retain elements of the original character of Eleftherias Street, which had traditionally housed industrial buildings and shops. The idea for renovation and utilization of this space arose from the need to create a venue that will allow for relaxation, meetings, and rest time for employees of the company. And so today, the Louis Work Café is an example of how something old can still find a purpose today.

The two rooms have preserved their original industrial elements, featuring the same glasswork used in the original construction and the same simple, stone-built walls, and have evolved into welcoming spaces for coffee, food, presentations and meetings among coworkers. This new venue has given this company, which boasts 70 years in the market, a new, modern asset with all the identifying features of a contemporary, international company. 

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Imagination, careful planning and organization were the requirements for turning these warehouses into their current state, explains project designer, Lefteris Petrides, though a large budget was not necessary.

Deliberate lighting, modern furniture in hues that create a pleasant atmosphere, and minimal décor that allows visitors to rest or continue working in a convenient, pleasant environment have all helped bring a touch of the contemporary to these old buildings. Thus, employees will not need to leave the premises on their breaks and struggle with traffic, as this excellent venue is just a few steps away. 

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Michael Loizides, one of the company executives, in his recommendation of the idea of the work Café, sought to improve the daily lives of the EKA employees, thus boosting their productivity. Decorator Lefteris Petrides, who had undertaken the restoration of the space, managed to highlight it from all angles, incorporating pieces from the company’s history and philosophy to create a tasteful setting.