PHOTOS + VIDEO: A ‘flaming river’ created by hundreds of people on the highest peak of Troodos!

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Not 1, or 2 or even 3 dozen, but hundreds of people gathered on Troodos at an altitude of 1900+ meters on Saturday night. People of all ages, most of them strangers to each other, came together as a large, tight team, creating a red ‘river’ in the heart of the forest, on the highest peak of the island.

Despite the difficult circumstances (night-time hiking is not exactly a walk in the park, especially due to the uneven ground of some of the forest paths), the magic of this experience, under a majestic, starlit sky, was the main source of energy for each of the participants. The red lanterns (chosen specifically because they do not reduce night vision) were the main connection between these hundreds of hikers, who circled Mount Olympus of Cyprus, crossing a distance of around 8 km in the dark.

The hiking event was organized and coordinated by the Cyprus From Air team, which aims to introduce the beauties of our land to a wider circle of people. Drawing from their own experiences in the countryside, the members of the team offer their services for free in order to motivate hundreds of people to join them on these amazing nature trails, such as the one of Artemis, on the peak of the Troodos Mountains.

Starting just after sunset and finishing a few minutes after midnight, all hikers arrived at the end of the trail intact, quite tired, but mostly enthusiastic and smiling at their amazing experience of unique feelings and impressions that will never be forgotten.