A Limassol village, where you wake up surrounded by roses!

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If you find yourself waking up at least once in the fields of roses in Limassol’s countryside, you know it is an amazing and most pleasurable experience.

The aromatic roses, which produce the famouse rose water of Agros village, the delightful rose traditional sweets and many more products, are celebrated like royals in the village and for a good reason.

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Locals say that anyone dedicated in cultivating roses, has quikly fallen in love with them.

 The Rose Festival, one of the largest in Cyprus’ countryside, has managed to bring young people closer to this tradition, with many new farmers choosing to cultivate rose bushes. 

During the festival, children and adults from all over Cyrus and the world, arrive in the village to experience the collection procedure of the mature roses.

The slopes of Agros are filled with people participating in the rose harvesting process. Then, all the roses are brought to the village, where the production of fresh rose water begins.