PHOTOS: The snowy slopes of Troodos of decades past!

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Photographs from the snowy white slopes of Troodos have become a part of our everyday life. But what about past decades? Did Limassolians always used to enjoy the beauty of Troodos, or did they find it to be unusual?

Retro photographs from the mid-20th century and beyond depict the snowy Troodos Mountains as a popular destination for many visitors. Through these snapshots, both adults and children are seen frolicking and playing in the snow, demonstrating that such activities had always been a beloved pastime.

In these snapshots from decades past, nostalgic moments are freeze-framed, showing visitors enjoying all manner of winter activities in the central Troodos Square, including sleigh rides. After all, the mountain villages have always been home to some of the most beautiful leisure resorts and tourist accommodations, even then. 

And though such photographs of the snowy mountains are, of course, rare due to the difficulty in getting a photographer up there in the snow, they are nevertheless evidence of the timeless magic offered by the white landscape of the island's tallest mountain range. 

Historical photos: Pattihio Municipal Museum - Historical Archive - Limassol Study Center
Cover photo: Lemesou Mnimes

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