PHOTOS: The incredible transformation of a deserted place in Limassol!

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It is one of the most marginalized areas in Limassol. For years, it is a place that, even though it has an amazing coast, with great views and interesting architecture, it still stays is the dark.

Several of the buildings in the area have been deserted since a long time now at the shipyard area, left all alone and forgotten. But, since this place has not lost its secret gifts completely, those who discover them, the lucky ones, feel the urge to see them come back to life again. Christos Christou, an amateur photographer from Limassol, was recently one of them.

Christos Christou, one of the Limassolians that often discover and "transform" the Limassol city and countryside through their cameras, introduces us to the shipyard are, with the impressive carob warehouse again, through a new point of view. With the sunset colors creating a whole new dimension, this photographic exploration proves that a picture is another way to attract attention and give a new life to a forgotten place.

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