PHOTOS: The deserted SODAP factory is a non typical street art gallery!

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When decay seems to be the ultimate ruler, a human touch may bring a creative feel in a place. The old SODAP wine factory at the Limassol coast, west to the Old Port, has some quite visible signs of decay, but the creative intervention of talented hands made sure to give life to the old walls.

Street art, as it is quite known, loves this kind of landscapes, because it is the exact setting where art can have a whole different meaning, being a pleasant surprise, an unexpected ominous sign.The large murals with the vivid colors are obviously influenced by the natural environment, probably indicating the free spirit and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. 

The fact that this non typical street art gallery is open to anyone with a sense of adventure and exploration, is probably its most interesting element. Photographers are regular visitors of the building and, thus, these creations are often represented in photos like the ones following below.

Photos: Michael Georgiou

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