PHOTOS: The brand new image of the road at the Old Port!

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The road passing in front of the Limassol Old Port, which connects the seafront avenue with Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, now has its final form. The road, which was redesigned to complement the general upgrade of the area, has created the conditions for an easier transportation of both cars and walking people.

After the remodelling of Castle Square, the construction of Garyllis Park, the Old Port and the Limassol Marina, the new road, starting from the seafront parking area and ending at Garyllis Park southern end, includes walk ways, pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights that allow the people move from one place to another safely. The characteristic roundabout in the tree in the middle, right opposite the entrance of the Old Port, has been replaced by an islet that serves the pedestrians, while the tree still is a landmark for the area.

With the official delivery of the project coming up, the procedure for the implementation of its second phase is already on the table. The extension of this road towards the west, will change the area in front of Agios Antonios church significantly. A public square, by the name of Peace Square, is supposed to replace the street passing between the church and the mosque. The road will be constructed southern to the church, outside the Limassol Marina.