PHOTOS: "Pefkos" hotel getting ready for the summer of ‘18 with a €3 million renovation

In October 31 2017 "Pefkos" hotel will close to get ready to begin its third large renovation, after about half a century of being part of Limassol's tourism industry. The family business started from the coffee shop "Pefkos" of Apostolos Efstathiou, to become a inn for the English and eventually turn into a tourist hotel.

The company, which has now passed onto the management of Apostolos Efstatiou's children, with his son, Neophytos, being today the hotel's manager, decides to take the next step, aiming to become a budget city hotel throughout the year. "The fact that we are not purely a tourist hotel, is an advantage," Neophytos Efstathiou says, explaining that the company is not dependent on seasonal tourism, hosting businessmen, visitors from other cities, ship’s crew, theater companies and sports teams.

Being a family business, the hotel follows the members and relationships of the family all these decades in the good and the difficult. At the same time, the family atmosphere is something that the owners invest in, while they also add quality of services of a 3 star hotel. Seeking to upgrade its services, the hotel wants to make use as much as possible of its key location, close to the city center, the Limassol Marina, the Old Port, the Lady's Mile beach and My Mall. With this renovation, the hotel aims to become part of the Western Limassol regeneration.

 It is worth noting that the hotel previously hosted great figures of Greek cinema, such as Stavridis, Nikos Rizos, Giorgos Constantinou, Panos Michalopoulos etc. The team of Markos Seferlis and Cypriot series actors still prefer the hotel when shooting or performing in the city.

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