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PHOTOS: Limassol's lifeguards were first originated from Famagusta!

Since Limassol did not always have a tradition in the tourism industry, it did not really have any lifeguard support, either. The first lifeguard tower was founded in Limassol in 1978 and a second one followed at the CTO beach.

The first tower was founded by Nicos Zenonos, who was one of the first lifeguards and instructors in Famagusta, back in 1973 — 1974. Nicox Zenonos, Giorgos Demetriou, Costas Yiangou and Sotos Nicolaides were the first lifeguards in Limassol. The second tower was operating with the lifwguards Andreas Zenonos and Christakis Pitsillides.

Costas Yiangou took charge of the administration of the lifeguard squad in Limassol right after Nicos Zenonos. The pictures show the training of the lifeguards back in 1978 by Nicos Zenonos, along with G. Papageorgiou, a former deputy chief of the Police and an examiner on behalf of the Royal Life Saving Society of the United Kingdom.

* NOTE: The articles of the Project "History of Limassol" present information that has emerged from historical research thus far. Any new data is embedded into the articles, once it has been confirmed.

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