How the Agios Nikolaos round about evolved through the decades

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Transportation (Bridges, Roads, Ships, Cars)

When it was first built, the round about was practically outside the city. It was one of its more peripheral spots, conjuring the great roads that led to all the different directions: north, south to the Enaerios area, east to Limassol neighboring municipalities and west, following the Makarios Avenue.

Today, the Agios Nikolaos round about is one of the most central spots of the city, surrounded by buildings with intense business and commercial activities, having evolved into a trademark for festive times, hosting a different kind of decoration each season. Of course, some still remember the times when, many decades ago, the round about would host a fountain, an ornament for the entire area.

From the days it used to be in the middle of unused plots, to the time of high rise buildings and dense traffic around it, the round about follows Limassol through the decades of development and evolution. Now, not only it is not a peripheral spot, but it actual is a most central one, being, thus, a place for festivities for the grand wins of football teams and a steady part of the procession of the Grand Carnival Parade.

Photos: Lemesou Mnimes, Sky Art, Daniel Donovan

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