PHOTOS: 'Glaros' tavern and its living memory in today’s Limassol!

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Social Life

One of the most popular areas in Limassol has changed so drastically in the past few years, that it is almost impossible for anyone to recognize it in photos from the 1960s, 1970s or even 1990s. Nevertheless, when comparing the 2 images, one can still spot elements from back then that still survive today, creating a connection between the different phases of the city’s evolution.

The area of the Limassol Marina (which, during the British Occupation, was a quarantine area where passengers from third world countries were examined for contagious diseases - see more here) was marginalized for decades. Even after the end of the Colonial Era, it remained a forgotten and abandoned coast, with only a few taverns in operation.

‘Glaros’, ‘Romantica’ and ‘Klapseides’ are venues which may be long gone, but they still live in the memories of many Limassolians, as many used to frequent there for dinner or a night out. Of course, besides the memories and the photos, elements of that era still live today, as the Limassol Marina’s architectural design appears to have drawn inspiration from those venues. The photos of ‘Glaros’ tavern, in particular, could easily be compared to the wooden balconies of the restaurants on the Marina’s seafront. The neglected yet picturesque coast from that era may belong to the past, but it has left its mark on today, offering inspiration to the impressive Limassol Marina for some of its most characteristic constructions.

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