PHOTOS: An unknown corner in Limassol, where the nature has healing powers (literally)!

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The landscape itself can truly be considered a balm for the soul. Among high hills and rocks, the evergreen bank of the river is an ideal refuge for mental resurrection. Still, in this unknown corner of Limassol, the nature can have much more directly healing powers for your body, too.

Within this heavenly scenery, a fresh water spring spouts water with sulfide, which is known as a treatment for several kinds of conditions, especially those connected with the respiratory system. This location, on the borderline of the villages Pelendri and Zoopigi, is still unknown to many, since the locals are usually the only ones that can spot it right now.

The wild beauty of the landscape, the river and the rich greens on one hand, and the healing powers of the water on the other hand, though, are the main factors pushing the local authorities to make sure that this place is accessible to everyone, by going through the process to create a proper nature trail with signs. After all, the locals are hopeful that this process will also open the door to a better use of the healing waters in the future. 

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