PHOTOS: A unique construction will be a new addition for the Limassol city!

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A special addition has been designed for the urban landscape in Limassol. A building with modern architectural design and an impressive façade will be the new addition in the city.

Its name is Limassol Croniche, a construction of mixed use, with commercial areas, as well as apartments. With its façade of futuristic waves, reminiscent of Limassol’s shores, the 7-floor building will be overlooking the sea, situated right on the bustling seafront street.

The building’s seven floors hold a total of 22 apartments, 3 on each floor, with its penthouses boasting luscious, landscaped roof gardens. The ground areas have an appearance as unique as the floors, with its glass façade and curvaceous outline. After acquiring all the necessary licences, Corniche is about to move on with its construction.

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