PHOTOS: A Limassol pizzeria offers a surprising new dish of mussels... styled as pizza!

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On the menu of a pizza restaurant, one would typically expect to find pizza dishes, pastas, and perhaps some side dishes such as bruschetta, garlic bread and salads. Mussels are probably the last thing you would expect to find in such cases, yet they are a unique culinary delight available in Limassol, flavoured with Mediterranean aromas and ingredients that are inspired by Italian cuisine.

This unique option is offered by Mamma Pizza in Limassol, a restaurant that aimed to utilize the basic ingredients of a pizza in order to create a seafood dish. Thus, beyond its traditional Italian pizzas, Mamma Pizza's wood-burning oven is also used to bake stuffed mussels, inspired by the classic cozze gratinate recipe. 

Each mussel is stuffed with fresh tomato, peppers, cheese and herbs. They are then placed into the wood-burning oven to cook at high temperature, until the cheese melts and bubbles in the shell, completely covering the mussel itself. With each bite, guests are treated to a delightful combination of flavors of the sea and authentic Italian cooking. 

Contact number: 25 570200