Persefoni nature trail (Troodos)

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Just 150 meters south of Troodos Square (towards the Police Station) one may find the starting point of one of the most magical and welcoming trails that cross through the forest. At a 1700-meter altitude, with a unique view of the deserted asbestos mine, the trail is perfect for easy walks, for any age, throughout the year.

The trail is merely 3 km long and it is one of the most beautiful ones on Troodos, featuring plenty of natural beauty and the unique aromas of the area. After the first kilometre, hikers will reach a spot where the pine trees are so tall and dense, that almost no rays of sun reach the ground. There, an impressive, green carpet has been created out of low shrubbery and bushes, which the slopes around the trail.

At the end of the trail, in the Makria Kontarka area, a tall rock and a wooden bench at the edge of the cliff are great spots for hikers to enjoy a stunning view of the villages of Limassol’s countryside, all the way down to the sea, which is visible when the atmosphere is clear. Along the way, especially within the first kilometre, there are several view points for observing the asbestos mine, with its latest transformation following the construction of the artificial lake.

Around 500 kilometers before its end, the trail crosses the forest road, which offers the option for some to reach that point with a vehicle, or make their return in that way, instead of walking back on the same trail.