Persefoni Nature Trail (Troodos)

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Just 150 meters south of Troodos Square, is the starting point of one of the most magical and welcoming trails that cross through the pine forest. At an altitude of 1700 meters, the Persefoni Nature Trail is perfect for relaxing walks throughout the year.

One of the trail's most impressive spots is located approximately 1 meter from the start, in an area covered by tall, dense pine trees that allow wild ferns to cover the ground like a carpet, creating a mystical atmosphere. 

The trail is 3 kilometers long and ends at the edge of the Makria Kontarka area, which offers captivating views all the way to the Limassol sea. 

Along the way, one can enjoy the view of the abandoned asbestos mine (there is a viewpoint with a bench for this purpose approximately 1.5 kilometers in).

Around 500 kilometers before its end the trail crosses the forest road, allowing visitors to reach that point by car.