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Perhaps the best spot in Limassol to watch the sunset!

Every afternoon in Limassol is special. Its sunset is unique and incomparable. Yes, you can always find some other sunset looking similar to it, but no other will have such a sweet red, so feverous and intoxicating. In Commandaria's land, the sunset borrows the colors of this ancient drink.

On Lady's Mile beach, also known as Aplostra, the sun reigns over the vastness of the meadow. The Akrotiri peninsula hides numerous unexplored beauties and it is difficult for one to imagine that they are just a few kilometers outside the city. The equanimity of the habitat in the region, the wild vegetation and the muffled sounds of the meadow creatures are the perfect setting for such a sunset.

The city's lovers talk about the "wine sauce color" of Homer that one can "taste" every evening in Limassol. The way that the coast of the city and its surrounding areas are facing the sun, the way the rays travel from the West, touching down on the rooftops, the sea, the rocks and the trees, gives a spectacle which is like no other you will find. Therefore, this hour, you will do well to slow down and to accept it as it deserves.

Photo: Charalambos Kouloumis

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