Pera Pedi Dam

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For some is just a stop, for others it is a destination and for some it is even a refuge. At an altitude of 800 meters, surrounded by the evergreen pine forest between Pera Pedi and Platres, there is a small dam which is home to a beautiful biotope.

At just 12,000 square meters, with a capacity of 55,000 cubic tons of water, it is one of the smallest dams in Cyprus. On the southern end of the dam, an overflow wall of 30+ meters creates a unique setting, resulting from the artificial waterfall that is created after the winter snow and rain.

The Pera Pedi Dam is filled by the water of Kryos Potamos, the riverbed of which forms the Caledonia and Millomeri Waterfalls. 

The dam is also part of the stops of the cycling routes that lead to Mesa Potamos.