Pera pedi dam

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For some is just a stop, for others it is in fact a destination and there are the people who consider it a refuge. Up at 800-meters altitude, on the way to Platres village and Troodos, surrounded by the evergreen pine forest of the mountains, one finds an amazing location, where nature and humans has collaborated in harmony.

It is one of the smallest dams in Cyprus, around 1 kilometer north from Pera Pedi village, which stands out for the amazing images it creates in the surrounding areas. The dam forms an artificial lake of 12 thousand square meters, which can host up to 55.000 cubic meters of water. On the south end of the dam, an overflow wall of 30+ meters creates an amazing scenery when the water falls over, after the winter’s snow and rain.

Kryos Potamos, that meets Kouris river at the southern mountains of the Limassol countryside, coming down from the slopes of Troodos, crosses through the dense pine forest at Platres area, forming 2 of the most well-known waterfall in Cyprus, Caledonia and Millomeris. The artificial lake of the dam has become a refuge for different kinds of fauna, such as birds and fish, making this location a great spot for bird watching and fishing, in the heart of nature’s charms. The dam is also part of the stops of the cycling routes that lead to Mesa Potamos.

To reach the dam, you can follow the way north of Pera Pedi village (after you turn left on Limassol - Troodos road, as soon as you pass Trimiklini), or you can keep south on the road from Millomeris Waterfalls in Platres.