People with disabilities explore the underwater magic of the Limassol sea!

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Dedicated trainers decided to offer a different, deeply human and moving approach to the unique world of diving to people with disabilities who wished to experience the magic of the deep and benefit from the healing properties of the sea.

A large, all-day event took place at the Agios Athanasios Muncipality beach, near Columbia Beach, with the Freedom Divers highlighting the fact that everyone has the right to enjoy the unique underwater experiences of the sea. Sean Flynn came up with this idea a few years ago as a result of the many people dear to him with disabilities, including his father and many close friends. “I thought that both the people dear to me, as well as anyone else who is facing similar problems, should be entitled to enjoy the freedom and the joy offered by the experience of diving,” says Sean.

The exclusion of people with disabilities from this activity has to do with the fact that in order to dive, at least 2-3 people are required to act as diving companions, and 1 person as a helper outside of the water. “Many diving centers which aim to serve as many people as possible with as few trainers as possible, cannot offer such services. We never wanted to work with this mentality,” explains Sean. “After all,” he adds, “the sea and the water in general have healing qualities and we have found that many people become more mobile after diving.” With the event organized on September 21st, dozens of people with disabilities will come into contact with this experience for the first time, for free.

Those who choose to participate in this activity will have the opportunity to initially try it in a swimming pool, in order to familiarize themselves with the equipment and the boosting devices.

More information about the event can be found here.
Freedom divers: 97 697383

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