Parekklisia Community Beach (Malindi - St Raphael)

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Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Beach Bars
Water Sports

The beach of Parekklisia, is a popular area for sea excursions.

Offering many kilometers of sand and a variety of activities in and out of the water, it becomes an ideal choice for families, as well as those who would rather opt for relaxation and quality food. 

It is an organized beach, which offers showers, sun loungers and umbrellas, and facilities for disabled persons, as well as some of the most modern water sport and water game facilities.

Malindi Beach Bar, which operates on the west end of the beach, has become a standout for its cuisine and its delicious cocktails, making it a beloved option all year round.

The shallow waters that extend many meters from the shore allow families with small children to enjoy the sea safely. In the area near the St Raphael Hotel marina, visitors can find a host of water sport activities, while there are areas that allow for beach volleyball games.

Watersports Information
Crest Water sports Center: 99 302077