Paramali (Turtle beach)

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The coast at Paramali village is simultaneously one of the most recluse, as well as the most active beaches in Cyprus. You won't choose it for leisure or immediate access to amenities, but it surely leaves you feeling much richer in experiences.

Paramali village is located around 25 km west to Limassol and its beach has become quite popular with those doing kitesurfing. Strong winds that blow in the area from time to time, especially in the afternoon, make it an ideal destination for this water sport.


The beach has many special treasures that will be appreciated even by those not into the sports. The most impressive thing about the beach is probably the view from the nearby hills, with the greenest orange trees reaching almost down to the waves.

Frequently, turtles choose this coast quite often, to lay their eggs. Visitors should be careful, in order not to do harm to this protected sea species. If they are lucky enough, they may watch from a distance the eggs hatching and the baby turtles running towards the water.

*Extra tip: The sea is generally calm in this beach, but gets deep quite suddenly and one needs to be careful. On windy days, when the waves are strong, you should better stay ashore, since you never know if a kiteboarder accidentally lands on you.