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'Paradision' waterfalls (Trozena)

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Inside the wildest nature, close to the deserted Trozena village, one can see an amazing image from Eden. The view is twice as important, since, apart from rare, it is also a sign that the year is going well.

From a cliff made of limestone rocks, if one is lucky enough, a unique sight will be revealed, with large amounts of water coming through the pores and cracks of the rocks, pouring over the rich plantation, up from a height of around 100 meters. The combination of this image, with the buzzing sound of the waters falling, creates a scenery from Eden, indeed.

This phenomenon is rare, of course, since the water comes through the rock only after a winter of plenty of rainfall and snow, which would have enriched the underground, to let the excess water go. So, when there has been a generous winter, you know that spring is a perfect season for coming closer to heaven… in Trozena.

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