Panayia Zalaka Chapel (Trimiklini)

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North-east of Trimiklini village, on the right side of the road that leads to Troodos Mountains, a charming little chapel has recently made an appearance, at a location where it enjoys unique panoramic views of the green slopes that surround the village. The chapel is dedicated to Panayia of Zalakas, the mountain that overlooks Trimiklini.

According to tradition, villagers had spotted a spot on the mountain which spouted holy water. This tradition was in fact the reason for building a chapel in this area, and it was donated by one of the villagers and officially inaugurated on October 1st, 2018.

Upon taking its final form, the chapel was transferred to its specially created spot on the mountain. Beautifully decorated, with a dome designed on a cross shaped construction, featuring arches and tiles covering the entire roof, the chapel can host up to 30 people inside and is open for visitors. Its most prestigious feature is the exquisite view spread out before it.

To reach the chapel, you will need to follow a dirt road, so a suitable vehicle is required.

Photos: Yiannis Tsouloftas