Panayia Faneromeni church (Platres)

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At Platres village, the big church is the first thing you notice when you arrive. Just a few meters after entering the village, it appears on the left side of the road, majestic and glorious. The church of Panayia Faneromeni is actually the evolution of an older, smaller church, which now exists as a chapel.

Then there was a decision to build a new temple, a church was built in 1880, right after the British arrived on the area, in order to serve the ever growing needs of a community that was expanding to the north, while new holiday houses were being built constantly. Thus, the church was founded closer to the village.

This church was demolished and another one, larger and even more majestic was constructed in that same location. The expenses were covered by Frixos I. Demetriou, a great benefactor of Platres. Frixos Demetriou was the investor of Parnetha casino in Greece. After making a large fortune, the man whose statue is located at the church yard, wanted to contribute to the development of his home land.

The inauguration of the church took place in 1973. It is built with traditional stone, which is generally used in the construction works in the area. The tiles and red bricks operate as decorative elements, adding to its glamorous image. Its architecture makes it a jewel for the village and a sight worth visiting.

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