Panagias and Chrysosotiros Church (Kyperounda)

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In a narrow valley in Kyperounda village, hidden behind tall, deciduous trees, there is beautiful, old church. Surrounded by a welcoming park, with benches, fountains and a little bridge crossing an artificial stream, the church of Panagias and Chrysosotiros is a particularly unique destination. 

It is a two-room church featuring the traditional, wooden roof found on churches in the mountain areas, that dates back to the 18th century. Its unique history lies in the fact that during the time of Venetian rule, acted as an interdenominational church, that is both Orthodox and Catholic. 

What is particularly interesting in the interior of the church is the carved iconostasis, as well as the icons of the Virgin holding the baby Jesus, which date back to 1556 A.C, the icons of the Virgin Hodegetria and the Transfiguration of the Savior.

It is worth walking the short distance from the Kyperounda square towards the church, in order to enjoy the idyllic images of every season.