Palati tavern: A traditional little tavern with an artisan cook, in the Limassol mountains!

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Palati is a family tavern serving traditional flavors in one of the most beautiful wine villages of Limassol, Vasa Kilaniou. The tavern was established by Panikkos, who had made the decision to return to village life after many years.

The tavern is situated in the picturesque alleys of the village, just a few meters from the central square and the church. It is a warm space, decorated with elements of local tradition. The atmosphere inside the tavern reflects the identity of its menu, which includes traditional Cypriot delicacies.

Panikkos's for traditional flavors is one of the reasons that Palati tavern is beloved by many.

The village-style chicken, the traditional rabbit stew with vinegar, the tasty meat on the grill and meze with seasonal ingredients, are some of the standout dishes on the tavern's menu. 

Contact number: 99 649139