OPENING: The first Japanese street food bar opens in Limassol!

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Birdslut is the first Japanese street food bar to open its doors in the historical center of Limassol in the summer of 2021, just a few steps from the Agia Napa church.

This original concept is an extension of two very successful projects, Barbacoa restaurant and Barbacoa rooftop bar. Adhering to street food culture, it introduces new, authentic eastern Asian flavors as an alternative to fast food, and as a snack to munch on before or after drinks.

Crispy karaage chicken, Japanese skewers and meatballs with delicious sauces, wagyu sandwiches, grilled miso corn, and even sushi bites are just some of the unique options on its menu.

Graffiti art featuring a Japanese figure covers the entrance to the bar, making its mark in the most impressive way.

Address: Koumandarias 21
Contact number: 99 540440, 25 105999