OPENING: Theme pony park in Limassol, ready to welcome all children and parents!

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The new entertainment venue for children, Pony Park, with small ponies and outdoor games, offers visitors plenty of fun and beautiful family moments. The park opens its doors officially in September and is expected to excite both the children and their parents.

By visiting the park, the children will be able to experience a unique and fun experience. At the same time, children experiencing special needs or difficulties, are encouraged to come into contact with the ponies, since such a contact is indicated to be extremely beneficial. Children, having the opportunity to get to know the beloved Shetland ponies, will be able to take a ride with them, and if they wish, they can attend personal pony riding lessons after an appointment.

The park has large outdoor and indoor spaces, a ranch, playground and cafeteria, and is also offered for events or birthday parties. Beyond the riding with the ponies, children can have fun with various games such as trampolines and inflatables games. Those accompanying the children will be able to relax in the cafeteria and to enjoy food and drink, or their favorite sporting matches on television.

The park will offer its services from Wednesday to Sunday. The weekdays it will be open from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m., while on weekends from 10 a.m. until 8 pm. The entrance fee for children is €5, while for adults the admission is free of charge.

Find out more details about the official opening of the park here.

Address: Kosta Koralli 3, Tsiflikoudia
Contact number: 7000 7000

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