OPENING: The new restaurant in Limassol, with 3 in 1 styles for delight!

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A carefully set up, but casual venue, with ideal lighting, modern design and decoration is the new gourmet destination in one of Limassol's favorite locations for dining and drinks. In the heart of the old town, right next to the Medieval Castle, a new restaurant with European vibe, prepares delicious dishes with fresh and hand picked local ingredients.

Bovidae is a 3 in 1 destination that is ready to receive all fine food enthusiasts. The venue can host up to 50 people in its dining room, as well as its unique isle-bar, which creates a special feel when you choose it for dining out. Besides, apart from the restaurant menu, the 3-fold Bovidae experience also provides options for tapas-style bites, as well as a range of charcuterie and delicatessen savories for take away.

The Deli Menu offers more casual dining options, with platters and Flammkuchen (a kind of savory tart from Alsace, with charcuterie, cheese, herbs and cream). The Bistro Menu is comprised of carefully developed dishes, each intended to showcase the quality of the ingredients with precision cooking and superb flavors. A special option is the Tomahawk steak, a dish for 2, with herbs and truffle butter, cooked on the spot. Chocolate delights, almond cake with caramelized apple and aromatic panna cotta become the ideal conclusion of a culinary experience in Bovidae. 

Address: Queen Venergaria (Castle Square)
Contact number: 25 211 766

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