OPENING: The first restaurant in Limassol with a special after-hours menu!

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A new, special venue was launched in Limassol a few weeks ago by the well-known group, Columbia Restaurants. It is a modern bistro, which complements the experience of visitors of the temporary casino, which recently opened its doors in western Limassol.

Columbia Bistro is the first restaurant with a special after-hours menu, available from midnight until 7 am. This unique feature is a part of the concept designed to serve everyone visiting the casino, even after midnight.

Featuring cozy red sofas framing the restaurant’s dining area, and stunning, modern chandeliers hanging from above, complementing the design of the entire venue, the bistro offers fine international cuisine, as well as more casual options, for light meals and snacks to accompany drinks. The menu includes a range of dishes, from delicious Black Angus steak fillet, to special seafood dishes, fresh pasta and sushi, as well as tasty salads and sandwiches.