OPENING: Something new and interesting at Limassol's old town!

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Something fresh, bright and interesting just came up in Limassol these past few days in the heart of the old town. At Eleftherias street, a few steps from the picturesque Irenes street, 3 young people, born and raised in Limassol, created a space designed for relaxing, meeting with friends, having fun and even communicating art and new ideas.

The restored building (typical sample of the urban architecture of the previous century, with stone built walls and high ceilings) has been decorated in a way that combines the aesthetics of decades past, and the modern design approach. With a variety of shapes and colors around, each one can enjoy a different corner in Tapper, depending on whether they choose to hung out and chat, or study and work. Interesting music options pleasantly complement your time there, either in the morning or in the evening.

Apart from coffee and snacks in the day time, its menu also includes an interesting collection of afternoon cocktails, with names created by Greek Cypriot word play (while 2 of them, Marikka and Panayiota, refer to 2 female butchers, the original owners of the place, around 1 century ago). As for the second floor of the building, it is designed to host art events, such as exhibitions, since all 3 of the owners are interested in different forms of art. Still, for those working hard all week, the Friday and Saturday evenings heat up a bit, with stronger beats by the bar by a Dj. 

Address: 62, Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 99 909 072